Do Rodents Avoid to Come Out in Light?

Rodents are nocturnal creatures that like to hop around at night. Is it so because they avoid light and bright objects?

Since rodents follow the survival instinct behavior, they avoid bright objects such as flashlights, sunlight, and LEDs. Although rodents don’t come out in light because of their nature, you may still see them during the day searching for food.

Rodents prefer dark and quiet environments as they are very sensitive to light and sound. They aren’t used to bright surroundings and prefer night time activities due to the darkness because they feel safe in it.

Deterring mice with lights is easy as they prefer darkness but sometimes the idea goes wrong because of the wrong selection of the light type.

In this post, I will talk about the different light sources’ effects on mice’s behavior and will share the exact methods to repel rodents with various types of lights. Let’s get started.

Do Rodents Come Out in Daylight?

Rodents don’t usually come out in daylight unless they are obliged to seek food for themselves or if their nest is disturbed. They are more likely to show up during the day if humans in their vicinity are active at night or more dominant rats are forcing them to come to light.

The last cause can be alarming and you never know if it’s the reason why rodents are showing in your neighborhood during day time. Seeing them very often in the hours of light is not a good sign.

As dominant rats push weaker ones to go outside the nests and voids, it’s a red flag that means your area needs extermination services soon.

Rodents like the ‘safety first’ rule. Therefore, another reason for their dusk-loving nature is that they want to avoid predators – Larger animals and humans are the biggest threats to their safety.

Loud noises, a bright atmosphere, and large animals can easily scare them off during the day.

For biology geeks, here’s a quick scientific experiment on the effects of lights on mice sleep.

What Rodents are Active in Day Time?

If rodents’ activity is increased during the daylight, there is a possibility of extreme infestation nearby. Rodents that are out of space or food are active in the day time and continue to find shelter or something to eat. 

With time, rodents are getting more comfortable living near humans and other animals – Thanks to urbanization.

As rodents learn routes, they are more comfortable exploring the new ways further in daylight and it’s the point of worry for the neighborhood.

That’s the right time to exterminate some rodents!

Can Mice See in the Dark?

Mice can’t see in the dark with their eyes but they have other senses to detect objects near them without light. They use their whiskers to find paths and proximate nearby things. Despite, their poor night vision, they can still survive in dark with their smell and whisker’s senses.

Researchers at the University of Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering conducted a painless experiment on rats’ whiskers to study the behavior and abilities of rat’s whiskers.

They measured rats’ performance for the experiment and found a 20% drop after their whiskers were cut.

Here’s the video from Northwestern Engineering School.

Will Keeping the Lights On Deter Mice?

Keeping lights on will make mice more cautious and careful while searching for food but lights aren’t an effective deterrent for them. Mice can still look for dark areas in your house, restaurants, factories, RVs, and wait until the lights are turned on.

Since mice have become habitual to light, it doesn’t scare them off easily unless you use a very high-intensity light for the whole day accompanied by some other deterring methods.

Even if you use bright light for the whole day, it will cover a very small area and mice would still have a chance to escape from somewhere else.

Here is a video in which you will see a quick test to verify if LED lights deter mice or not.


Hence, we can say that mice can still sneak into your house or anywhere the lights are on if they don’t sense danger. 

For repelling rodents, use natural remedies or other rat resisting products that are effective and worth your efforts.

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Will Sleeping With Lights on Keep Mice Away

Even if you sleep with lights on, mice can still come into your room and can easily travel through the dark corners of your room. Keeping the lights on will only improve their vision and ability to maintain a safe distance from human beings.

Will Mice Bother You While Sleeping?

Although mice aren’t aggressive to humans, they may come closer to sleeping people and can even crawl over them. Rats can easily bite people during sleep; children are more vulnerable to them when food odor is present. Keeping lights on may help to keep them away during bedtime.

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