Using Febreze to Kill Insects [The Complete Guide]

So you want to kill some nasty bugs in your home with a Febreze air freshener? Let me help you with that!

Febreze can be used as a replacement for the insecticide to kill most insects. Spraying Febreze air freshener is an effective way of getting rid of insects by either stunning them or killing them instantly.

I understand you don’t want bad odors of pest repellants possessing your home for hours — or even days. But thankfully, you can use this sneaky way to eliminate ants, spiders, gnats, bed bugs, and many more.

Stick with me and I’ll explain how you can use your Febreze air fresheners to start your next pest control mission!

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Did you know that you can also use Hairspray to Kill Insects?

Febreze Vs Insecticide — What’s the Difference?

Here are some common differences between Febreze and Insecticide:

Febreze can small insects like ants, mosquitos, and spiders.Insecticides can eliminate all types of insects and pest infestations
Febreze is a temporary pest control solutionInsecticide can be a permanent solution for pests
Febreze gives soothing odorsMost insecticides smell bad
It is non-toxic for pets, children, and most plants when inhaled.Insecticides are strong and can be toxic
Febreze is a lot cheaper than Insecticide (Less than $4.99)Most insecticides cost more than $19.99

List of Insects Killed by Febreze Air Freshener

Using air fresheners to kill pests is a very effective method as it will get rid of them immediately in less than 48 hours. The following insects are killed by this strong solution:

Does Febreze Kill Spiders?

Febreze can instantly kill spiders by directly spraying at them as they are fragile. The ingredients of air freshener, i.e., formaldehyde, xylene, and ethanol can easily kill spiders by suffocating them.

Does Febreze Kill Spiders?

In order to do that, you should spray the spider web areas. If your house is infested with spiders, get rid of all their webbed clothes which are possible hiding spots. Then refresh the room by spraying it once a day or twice on alternate days for about two weeks. Come back again after that period to check if there’s still any evidence of spiders residing there.

Watch out for giant spiders and Febreze will be too mild to kill or even hurt them.

Does Febreze Kill Ants?

Febreze is a brand of air fresheners, that contains ingredients that have been proven to kill ants. The active ingredient in Febreze, which is called hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin, has the ability to get rid of ants while leaving a good scent behind.

Does Febreze Kill Ants

To get rid of ants with Febreze, use an ant bait and then follow it with a full Febreze spray bottle.

Make sure that you are at a safe distance (one foot) so that the air freshener molecules don’t fly back at you.

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Does Febreze Kill Bed Bugs?

Febreze fabric freshener can kill bed bugs while removing unwanted odors from your clothes, bedsheets, and other items. However, it’s difficult to spray on them directly as they are hidden deep within the cushions, and mattresses.

Hence, Febreze is not a permanent solution for getting rid of bed bugs once and for all. It may kill one or two-bed bugs on sight. But there may be large colonies residing in your bed.

Does Febreze Kill Cockroaches?

Febreze does not kill cockroaches and you’ll need a strong pesticide to kill them. The most it can do is to stun the cockroach for a very short period of time, which will be your best bet to kill it.

Does Febreze Kill Cockroaches?

Like insects in the kitchen, roaches are hard to find and catch too. And even if you find one, Febreze isn’t strong enough to kill them. Its fragrance will take over cockroaches’ senses, paralyzing them and making them harmless.

Does Febreze Kill Flies?

It’s hard to kill flies with Febreze as they are fast enough to get away. However, they won’t come back sooner once you spray the Febreze air freshener in the room sufficiently.

Does Febreze Kill Flies?

The only houseflies that are fully exposed to Febreze spray will eventually get killed because of HPVCD chemicals.

If you don’t have a good pesticide at your disposal, Febreze is a good alternative to eliminate flies for short durations.

Does Febreze Kill Termites?

Febreze air fresheners can’t kill termites. Since termites live in the ground, you’ll need a pesticide that can deliver destruction to their colony. In severe cases, any insect spray won’t work against termites and you’ll need an anti-termite treatment by professional pest control specialists.

Does Febreze Kill Termites?

Febreze won’t kill the colony of termites entirely because termite colonies burrow into hard surfaces making them difficult to target with any insecticide or spray.

However, Febreze can be used to fix the bad odors once the anti-termite treatment is done by the pest control experts at your place.

Febreze can kill dust mites though.

Does Febreze Kill Fleas?

Febreze isn’t an efficient flea killer but it can be used to treat flea infestations before they worsen. You’ll have to repeat the spraying process for several days until you see no signs of fleas infestation.

Does Febreze Kill Fleas?

To get rid of fleas with Febreze, fleas will have to be exposed to the Febreze application. The spray has to be done directly on them to affect them the most.

Similarly, it can also kill other gnats like fruit flies, biting midge, etc.

Does Febreze Kill Moths?

Febreze can instantly kill moths by soaking their wings and intoxicating them. They are very fragile creatures and even aerosol, hairspray, or Windex can be used to get rid of them.

Does Febreze Kill Moths?

They are different from normal flies that can be controlled with any insecticide. You may create a fine fog to affect them while they sit on the wall or ceiling, although it won’t eliminate every single moth at once since extermination is also important in severe cases.

Does Febreze Kill Mosquitos?

Mosquitos are quite like eggshells and can easily be eliminated by Febreze. The air freshener will immediately stop mosquitos raid to your house in the evening. Any Febreze product will work similarly to mosquito repellents in an early infestation.

Does Febreze Kill Mosquitos?

However, according to my personal opinion, Febreze is only a temporary solution for eliminating gnats; it’s not long-lasting.

Does Febreze Kill Stink Bugs?

Febreze air fresheners aren’t strong enough to stink bugs. The best it can do is to remove the stinking smell from them. Therefore, you should use a strong pesticide against them.

Does Febreze Kill Stink Bugs?

If you try to spray the product directly on stink bugs, it won’t get rid of them. Stink bugs have a strong outer shell that protects them against most toxins.

Does Febreze Kill Rodents?

Febreze can’t kill rodents such as mice and rats. However, it can deter rodents for a short period of time as it can produce irritation to their bodies and lungs when inhaled. However, don’t expect much resistance from Febreze against giant pests like rats.

Does Febreze Kill Rodents?

Febreze is nowhere near a good solution for rodent extermination.

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Final Words

The Febreze brand has been around for quite some time now, and it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular product.

Not only does it smell great, but it also kills harmful insects that are known to spread disease.

I recommend giving it a try!

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