Does Pine-Sol Kill Insects? [The Complete Guide]

The Pine-Sol is a common household cleaning product but is it useful against insects such ants, spiders, cockroaches, and bugs?

Pine-Sol can be used as an insect repellent for most bugs and flies. Mix 80% Pine-Sol and 20% Water solution, Shake the spray bottle well until it’s at the proper ratio, and spray areas where you wish to keep these stinging pests away.

Pine-Sol is one of the most asked-about products regarding insects. Many people ask; “Is Pine-Sol good for killing ants?” Well like anything toxic, it depends on what kind you are using and how direct contact you have with them…

In this article, I’ll explain how you can use pine-sol to kill unwanted pests in your house. Stay tuned!

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What is Pine-Sol and How Does It Work?

Pine-Sol 40125 Liquid Cleaner, 40 fl oz Bottle
  • Pine sol cleaners have the ability to blast away dirt, dust, grime, and food stains to bring out the natural beauty of your flooring every time you clean it
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  • Package weight of the Product: 2.68 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 x 10.8 inches

Pine-Sol is a household cleaning product that has been around since 1929. It is composed of Pine Oil, phenol, and oil mixture, which are combined to form a liquid repellent.

The key to using pine sol as an insecticide boils down to two factors: how direct you are with the spray and how much you dilute it.

The main ingredient in Pine-Sol is Pine Sol Oil, which is not liked by many pests as it has a strong odor.

Pine-sol has many benefits over other insecticides when it comes to toxicity and environmental friendliness.

What Insects Can Be Killed By Pine-Sol?

The pine-sol cleaner can be useful for killing a number of pests in your house and yard. Here are the insects that Pine-Sol can keep away:


Pine-Sol kills ants instantly on contact which makes it a great alternative to ant repellents. Spray Pine-Sol cleaner on ant trails to keep them away from your kitchen or rooms.

Pine-Sol is a great alternative to store-bought insecticides. Spraying this disgusting smelling spray on ant invasions can be both repellent and lethal at the same time.

This makes pine-sol an effective tool in keeping ants away from your home by killing them instead of just deterring them with ant bait products.

Ants do not like the Pine-Sol smell and won’t come back if you keep spraying the mixture of Pine-Sol and water.

You can also use Raid Ant Killer to kill ants instantly.

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Pine-Sol kills cockroaches on contact and they are highly susceptible to Pine-Sol. Not only does it remove roaches from your house, but also kills them instantly by dissolving the outer layer of their skeleton, which causes severe blisters all over their exoskeleton.

Pine-Sol is an antiseptic cleanser that can be used to kill cockroaches and eggs with the same ease.

When it comes to making a paste, you can use water or ammonia in place of Pine-Sol Oil which can work well when dealing with roach infestations as introduced on your home’s sinks, along shower walls, and food stains.


Pine-Sol kills flies instantly on contact. Pine-Sol is an effective natural way to keep away the annoying flies from your home and kill them at once by applying this versatile cleaner in a few drops all over the affected areas; sinks, window sills, and counters.

However, it’s difficult to spray the solution directly on these flying creatures, especially when they are in large numbers. But Pine-Sol will work better if you use a spray bottle as a preventive measure against flying insects.

Pesticides have a high level of toxicity which threatens our health as well as the environment so deterring flies without using pesticides is beneficial for you and your family members too.


Pine-Sol is an effective natural way to keep the mosquitoes at bay. To keep the mosquitos away, use diluted Pine-Sol cleaner to spray on crevices, soffits, and other potential places where mosquitoes may breed.

Additionally, light applications of Pine-Sol on plants will kill new mosquito larvae coming out from the soil.

And in a case where mosquitoes are breeding or have blown into your house, dampen clothes with concentrated cleaning solutions and cover the house’s doors and windows to prevent them from flying back.

Although it’s a handy solution, it’s only effective temporarily. Make sure to use a more effective method in the long run against mosquitos.


Pine-Sol is an amazing way to kill dreaded and dangerous spiders in your home. This solution is a great natural insect killer and works instantly. Use Pine-Sol to trap spiders in your home; apply small amounts on corners, below the mattress, around switch plates, on inside of doors or windows along with light vacuuming in between floors.

Spiders are no doubt a nuisance to your family.

To get rid of house spiders effectively, use Pine-Sol concentrate on small appliances including washers, dryers, stoves/ovens, etc., around cracks in walls where spider activity has been spotted.


Pine-Sol acts as an insect repellent and greatly helps in killing bugs. It is easy to use it around your home because you can simply spray and place it on any places that need a preventative measure against bugs.

If you are using pine sol as a bug repellent, spraying it directly on the bugs will result in the most success. Bed bugs, lizards, and termites can also be eliminated with Pine-Sol.


Springtails are small, wingless insects that cause damage to your property. Luckily, Pine-Sol can hold them at bay. For better results, you have to apply this solution around the home in the squirreling areas, basements, and garages where springtails live.

Although Pine-Sol is not a permanent solution, it can definitely help you get rid of those nasty springtails so that they do not destroy your property.


Eucalyptus oil is found in Pine-Sol which kills and resists fleas. Fleas thrive in humid regions. These insects spend most of their time on humans and animals. Pine-Sol uses eucalyptus oil to kill flea infestation as well as provides fast results against fleas.

However, Fleas can re-infest areas, and the chemical does not eradicate all of the fleas or their eggs.

You may also use other household cleaners such as Ajax to kill fleas.


Wasps are usually aggressive and painful pests. Pine-Sol is full of eucalyptus oil which can repel them as they do not like the smell as much. The benefit of this solution outweighs any losses that may occur by using it around your property because you will get rid of wasp infestations with ease right away!

If you want to kill wasps with Pine-Sol, make a mixture with 50% Pine-Sol and 50% hot water and spray it on the infested zones.

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Safety Precautions

Here are some precautions to keep in mind before you use Pine-Sol as an insecticide:

  1. After handling, wash thoroughly with soap and water before eating, drinking, or touching.
  2. Pine-Sol should not be used on marble, aluminum, or wood that has not been sealed, waxed, oiled, or visibly worn.
  3. Keep all Pine-Sol cleaning products out of reach of children, including disinfectants.
  4. Keep Pine-Sol away from food-contact surfaces.
  5. Do not spray Pine-Sol near pets.
  6. Avoid inhaling a Pine-Sol smell when spraying.


People who use pine-sol, an aerosol insecticide, can find significant improvement in the survival of their home infestation control program by using pine-sol regularly.

Have you ever used Pine-Sol to kill insects? If so, do mention it in the comments!

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