Using Windex to Kill Insects [How-to Guide]

Disgusting and dangerous — bugs are more than just a nuisance. Thankfully, there is a household product that can help you eliminate insects from your home or workspace, i.e. Windex. But is it the best way to get rid of insects?

Windex can only kill small insects such as ants, bugs, spiders, and mosquitos but it doesn’t work against heavy infestation. Hence, Windex is NOT a perfect replacement for insecticide or repellents.

Windex is most commonly used to remove stains from windows, glass, and mirrors. But some people also believe that it can fight against pests and work as an insect repellent. But how true is that? Is it just a myth?

In this article, I’ll uncover what insects can be killed with Windex and what can’t! Read on to find out.

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Windex vs Insecticide – What’s the Difference?

Windex can small insects and bugsInsecticides can all types of insects and bugs
It’s eco-friendlyMost insecticides aren’t eco friendly
Windex is an economical solution to kill pestsInsecticides are expensive
Windex doesn’t smell badSome insecticides might smell very bad

Did you know that you can also Use Febreze to Kill Insects?

What Insects Can Be Killed By Windex?

Let’s take a look individually at what insects are vulnerable in front of Windex.

Does Windex Kill Ants?

Windex can kill ants instantly since it has ingredients that are toxic to ants. It completely kills ants and has no negative effect on humans which makes it a great alternative to poisonous ant killer.

Windex is safer than pesticides for pets and children which makes it ideal for indoor use without wasting money on ant poison spray elsewhere.

Spray Windex directly on the ants’ swarm and see them die off in a minute or two.

I’ve prepared a detailed guide on how to use Windex to kill ants — Check it out!

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Does Windex Kill Bugs?

Windex is a good alternative to the insecticide for killing small bugs occasionally. But you’ll definitely need a better pest control solution if your house is infested with any kind of bugs.

Although Windex is a cleaning product, it can kill bed bugs, stink bugs, etc. because of its ingredients; Water, ammonium hydroxide, and isopropanolamine.

Each of them is harmful to bugs in specific ways.

Does Windex Kill Cockroaches?

Windex won’t kill cockroaches even when sprayed on them directly. It will take a while and heavy Windex spraying to kill roaches. The ammonia in Windex would break down the cockroach’s outer layers and tissues, making it unguarded.

Initially, spraying Windex on a cockroach will make it unconscious for a few seconds. That’s the best moment to squash it!

It is also important to note that Windex has no effect on most houseplants.

Does Windex Kill Fruit Flies?

Windex works efficiently against fruit flies and gets them out of your home or workspace. However, it will only kill a portion of the fly population and can’t eradicate them entirely.

Fruit flies are also not attracted to Windex and won’t land again if you spray them with it.

However, make sure that you don’t spray Windex directly on the fruits & vegetables.

Does Windex Kill Crickets?

Windex might kill a few crickets inside your house but it won’t eradicate the entire population around your home. For that, you will need to purchase more effective insecticides.

Cricket’s body is covered by an exoskeleton called ‘shell’ which protects them against Windex glass cleaner. If you’re lucky, it may repel some crickets away but they will come back soon.

Does Windex Kill Lizards?

Windex products such as surface cleaner, window cleaner, or any other cleaning solution, can’t kill lizards. It may make a lizard stunned for a very short time during which you have a chance to kill it.

Lizard’s repellents are definitely a better way off than Windex.

Does Windex Kill Springtails?

Windex is the best product for small-term springtail control. If you need a quick spray that can be found in most household cabinets, Windex will solve most of your springtails problems.

However, if it comes a time when your garden and basement are full of springtails you may need more effective poisons to get rid of them.

Otherwise, they will multiply quickly once the conditions are favorable for them (warmness & moisture).

Does Windex Kill Wasps?

Windex is a bit less effective on wasps. It won’t kill them on the spot but may slow them down a little bit because the bases of Windex will take over their senses. Their legs & antenna may feel slightly numb for a few minutes.

Most of the wasps will recover in a few hours so make sure you eliminate them in the meantime.

Raid is an effective Wasp killer as an alternative.

Does Windex Kill Bees?

Bees are fragile and will instantly be killed by Windex. It will only take a small whiff and bees will fall spontaneously. However, because bees are very useful & beneficial insects it is not advisable to intentionally kill them.

If you want to kill them on the spot, or need some quick control that can reduce their population spots like above-ground pesticide baits. A few days of treatment by Windex will be enough for most cases.

For those who need more effective results make sure you get some other options.

Does Windex Kill Rodents?

Windex produces no impact on mice and rats. The active ingredients in Windex won’t harm a living rodent. Try using some mice baits and strong rat poisons instead of relying on Windex results.

Windex is an excellent cleaner and degreaser that is perfect for getting rid of nasty household pests.

Do you believe in Windex?

Let me know in the comments below if you do or don’t.


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